PAO Product Analysis and Optimization program

  • Over 20% of active products are a drain on operating income !
  • Over 60% of new products fail to meet expectations !
  • How do you rid your product lines of non contributing products ?
  • How many products is enough or too many ? 

At QUAD we have developed a program named PAO which uses our proprietary business intelligence ( BI ) tool which can help answer those questions and more. We are able to look at every single product and determine their performance relative to each other, based on your financial, marketing, strategic and long term business objectives. In fact we measure over ten various criteria before scoring a product. The information unequivocally shows which products are a drag on your performance today, but also those products that are in need of improvement to continue contributing to your business. Optimizing your products is the precursor to better financial performance.


The measurement of product performance enables you to focus your energy and resources on the products that have significant life left in them. The BI tool will identify those products that should be eliminated due to the negative impact they have on your business. It gives you the ability to support our recommendations using hard facts as well as provide a baseline to which you can measure progress attaining your goals.


There is a lot of emotion when optimizing products. The analysis helps to guide decisions based on facts and reliable measurements of performance. The information prepares the discussions needed to move forward on making sure your products are aligned with the business plan.


Click here to see our white paper on managing the right side of the life cycle curve

Some uses of PAO


Modelcom inc is our Financial and Business Modelling Partner in support of the PAO program. Please click on the link to see why they are in the top four in the world.