The added value to your business - increase product line profitability

"Helping clients achieve a competitive advantage"

QUAD provides manufacturers and large distributors with expert, world class, personalized industry specific product optimization services as opposed to existing consulting firms that provide generic non- actionable services. The successful implementation of QUAD’s services will increase product line profitability by 25% to 50% as shown when used in other similar businesses.


Optimizing your products and services is the precursor to better financial performance. We combine all the activities surrounding business management as they pertain to products and services. This includes new product development, life cycle management, regulatory product compliance, customer service and retention, forecasting, inventory planning, quality processes, intellectual property.

Here is a list of specific results you can expect:


  • Increased profitability and commercial effectiveness
  • More effective new product development
  • Added value to products and services
  • Establish a presence in emerging markets
  • Better team productivity 
  • A better customer experience
  • Compliance to new product standards
  • Improved quality processes
  • Greater market share
  • Increased channel power

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