"Business has only two functions - marketing and innovation"

Peter F. Drucker, American management expert

Let me help your organization fulfil this role.


One of the key success factors is the implementation of a world class Product Management function in your company. Its fundamental role is to reduce risk by spending more time understanding your market and customers. It brings the customer inside the organization to feed the need for innovation. It also has a financial role, keeping gross margins and working capital under control.


I wont surprise you if I say that the most difficult part is getting the plan executed. The effectiveness of your work teams and the quality of the decisions they generate, are key competitive differentiators in our global world.


Our services have three parts:


1. Consulting: Evaluate and improve your product management activities using our concept of the four Pillars;

2. Knowledge transfer: Your team is key to your success and you need it to perform with the latest tools;

3. PAO: Knowing how your products perform will determine how to allocate resources.


J.F. Ouellette