¨Trying, succeeding and stumbling once in a while is really the only way to build experience¨

Our team is composed of partners who provide customers with more specialised expertise. They are independant professionals who each bring years of specific knowledge to our services mix.This leads to a robust discourse out of which better solutions emerge. We are hands-on practitioners who use theory as a facilitator to our work.


We also call on a special group of advisers to round out our expertise and support our clients when needed. This gives us flexibility as well as access to a very broad range of talent. The following list is a partial view of our team.

J.F. Ouellette is the founder and President of QUAD. He has worked over 25 years in various functions within industry. His roles encompassed strategic and tactical business development, NPD, needs analysis, product management and marketing with manufacturers Ansell; Kappler; E.I. DuPont; North Safety and finally Honeywell International. His expertise is called upon globally. He holds a degree in Commerce from Concordia University and is an alumnus of the McGill University Executive Institute, both in Montréal. He is a Certified Product Manager (CPM) and SixSigma green belt. His resumé is here.

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