This page offers a selection of documents and links to articles that could be of interest to clients.

Social networks and technology

Does every business need a Facebook fan page?

By James Yorke on October 27, 2011

A  study on why people in general use Facebook by Adam N. Joinson from the University of Bath

Human resources

Top Ten Reasons Why Large Companies Fail To Keep Their Best Talent
From Forbes magazine. Written by Eric Jackson of Ironfire Capital LLC


10 most valuable corporate jobs

By Steve Tobak, CBS NEWS

The rise of the new groupthink

From the New York Times. why solitude can breed creativeness

Product liability and compliance

The Rules Changed: Canadian Consumer Product Safety Act Enacted 

From Blakes law firm. Implications of this new law for distributors, importers and manufacturers



Coming at a later date:

  • The true cost of a product launch
  • Is your cost accounting up to date?
  • When products cross-subsidize each other
  • Are customers important?
  • Changes in the PPE market
  • How do you rate your customer's experience?
  • The importance of product compliance
  • The tale of the out of sync product line
  • Channel power games
  • Business sustainability
  • Have you heard about smart PPE?